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DATE: Wednesday, June 21, 1995

Fort Worth Star Telegram

When temperatures are sizzling and you need to beat the heat, refuge can be found in books and magazines.

Sure to give a chill are the horror tales of R.L. Stine. His `Goosebumps` series remains a favorite among young readers.

Also popular among younger readers are the `Baby-Sitters Club` books by Ann M. Martin and `Ralph the Mouse` and `Ramona` books by Beverly Cleary.

Eboni Warren, an eighth-grader in Fort Worth, Texas, likes stories by Stine and Martin `because they're exciting, and there's always something happening inside the book.`

Older readers' interests range from best-selling authors such as John Grisham and V.C. Andrews to works of nonfiction.

`I've been getting into reading books on ancient civilizations,` David Moss, a high school junior, says. `It seems like fiction, but it really happened.`

Since the 1930s, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys have entertained teen-agers. The books are written by a group of authors who use the pen names Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon.

Occasionally, the publisher decides to update the series. This year Nancy Drew is in line for a major makeover.

The teen sleuth is going to college in the `Nancy Drew on Campus` series coming out in September. She'll be majoring in romance, with a minor in investigative reporting for the campus newspaper.

Expect plots that deal with alcohol, sex and drugs and the biggest question of the century: Will Nancy shed Ned Nickerson for a new love?

Look for MTV to make a splash with a new line of books based on its shows. Titles will include Beavis and Butt-Head, MTV Unplugged and The Real World.

Nickelodeon also hits the shelves with a humorous guide to men and romance. Clarissa Explains It All: Boys should arrive in September.

Magazines are an alternative for those short on time. Young & Modern, Sixteen, Seventeen, Sports Illustrated, Slam, Guitar World and newsmagazines, such as Time and Newsweek, rank high with young readers.

Lucas Shaw, a ninth-grader, plays the guitar and likes reading Rolling Stone and Guitar World because `they keep me informed,` he said.

Laura Brock, a sixth-grader, says she enjoys Sixteen magazine because `it always contains juicy stories on superstars' lives.`

Bookstores and libraries are loaded with options and are usually well air-conditioned. So, get the word out and dive into some reading material this summer.

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