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September 25, 1997


Marilyn Moss
The Hollywood Reporter

(ABC) 9 p.m. Sunday

"Two Came Back" is a taut drama whose suspense is all the more frightening because its source is a true event. The telefilm is a modern-day sea adventure that gets to the eye of the storm in no time.

Melissa Joan Hart ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch") is Susan, a young woman on the mend with her mother (Susan Sullivan), a former alcoholic now sobered up and wanting to spend time with her daughter. So Susan vows to stay around, even though her soul belongs to the sea and a nomadic life on the waters.

Soon Susan is asked by a friend to help deliver a state-of-the-art sailboat, which means sailing it from San Diego to Vancouver. At first she declines, but then a young man she's attracted to turns up on the boat and Susan gives in. The five-person crew soon runs into troubled waters.

The boat and its crew get trapped in a horrific storm. The boat sinks and the crew wages a battle to stay alive in a raft.

The title tells us more than we want to know, but the suspense is still there. Some terrific cinematography adds to an already good script to make this story an adventure that packs a wallop.

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