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Posted at 2:45 a.m. EST Thursday, May 4, 2000

Will Smith Tops Nick Awards

Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez, and Britney Spears were all winners at Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday. Will Smith won "Favorite Male Singer," "Favorite Song," and "Favorite Song from a Movie" for his soundtrack contributions to the film Wild Wild West.

Lopez won "Favorite New Music Artist" while Spears won the "Favorite Female Singer" accolade. Meanwhile, the Backstreet Boys were awarded "Favorite Music Group." The awards were voted on by over 15 million Nickelodeon viewers including ten exclusive online categories.

Rosie O' Donnell hosted the awards show along with L.L. Cool J., Frankie Muniz, Mandy Moore, and David Arquette. Jamie Foxx, 98 Degrees, and Mel Gibson were some of the other celebrities on hand. Shaquille O'Neal was also awarded "Favorite Male Sports Star."

Adam Sandler also joined the winners circle by taking home the "Favorite Movie" and "Favorite Movie Actor" awards for his performance in Big Daddy.

Here is the complete list of winners ! at Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Kids' Choice Awards:

  • Favorite Movie - Big Daddy
  • Favorite Movie Actor - Adam Sandler in Big Daddy
  • Favorite Musical Group - Backstreet Boys
  • Favorite Female Singer - Britney Spears
  • Favorite Male Singer - Will Smith
  • Favorite Band - Smashmouth
  • Favorite Song - "Wild, Wild West" (Will Smith)
  • Favorite TV Show - All That
  • Favorite Song from a Movie - "Wild, Wild West"
  • Favorite Cartoon - Rugrats
  • Favorite New Music Artist - Jennifer Lopez
  • Favorite TV Actress - Amanda Bynes ("The Amanda Show")
  • Favorite TV Actor - Kenan Thompson ("All That")
  • Favorite Female Sports Star - Tara Lipinski
  • Favorite TV Friends - Ben Savage & Rider Strong ("Boy Meets World")
  • Favorite Video Game - Pokemon
  • Favorite Male Sports Star - Shaquille O'Neal
  • Favorite Book - Harry Potter Series
  • Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie - Rosie O'Donnell ("Tarzan")
  • Favorite Rising Star - Mandy Moore
  • Favorite Movie Couple - Freddie Prinze Jr. & Rachael Leigh Cook ("She's All That")
  • Favorite MVP - Cynthia Cooper
  • Favorite Animal Star - Salem The Cat ("Sabrina, The Teenage Witch")
  • Favorite Sports Team - New York Yankees
  • Favorite Movie Actress - Melissa Joan Hart ("You Drive Me Crazy")
  • Hall of Fame - Rosie O'Donnell

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