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November 5, 2001, Monday

'Squares' Contestants Can Win Over $100,000 in an All-New, Daily Bonus Round, Premiering November 8

Magic Johnson, David Hasselhoff, Clint Black and Melissa Joan Hart Fill the Famous Grid as New Round Debuts

LOS ANGELES: Nov. 5: Beginning on Thursday, November 8, Hollywood Squares will debut an all-new, lightning-fast daily bonus round, where contestants can add more than $100,000 to their winnings in just 60 seconds. This addition is just the latest in a series of changes that have been adopted this season, including 30 percent more questions and a reemphasis on "the great bluff," which have made for a slicker, funnier and faster game.

During the new bonus round, the game-winning contestant will team up with a celebrity Square of his/her choice -- stars like basketball legend Magic Johnson, Baywatch's David Hasselhoff, Clint Black and Melissa Joan Hart during the round's first week. The pair will answer as many multiple choice questions posed by host Tom Bergeron as possible in the time allotted. Each correct answer will be worth $1,000 to $5,000, depending upon the amount that appears in a sealed envelope held by the celebrity partner. After the time is up, the contestant will have the option of wagering his/her bonus winnings -- double or nothing -- based on one more multiple choice question. The topic of that final question will be revealed to the player by Bergeron before the player decides to proceed.

Then, the winner will return the next day as Champion, and may compete for up to five consecutive days on the series. Five-day Champions will compete against each other later this season in Squares' popular, annual "Tournament of Champions."

This season, Squares has introduced a faster pace with more questions per show, bigger prizes and a renewed emphasis on the "classic bluff." Plus, viewers can win daily prizes along with on-air contestant "partners" in the series' new "Secret Square Sweepstakes." Complete rules and entry information can be found at
Hollywood Squares is co-produced by King World Productions, Inc. and Columbia TriStar Television in association with Moffitt-Lee Productions and Goldberg's One Ho Productions. It is distributed in the U.S. by King World, airing primarily in early evening or late afternoon on stations representing more than 96 percent of the U.S. It is distributed worldwide by CBS Broadcast International.

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