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WB's Sabrina
a.k.a. Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Season 5 (first WB Season)
- "Double Time," 09/22/2000
- "Every Witch Way But Loose," 09/22/2000
- "Heart Of The Matter," 10/06/2000

- "Halloween Scene," 10/27/2000
- "Some Of My Best Friends Are Half-Mortals," 11/10/2000

- "Sabrina's Perfect Christmas,"
- "Love Is A Many Complicated Thing," 02/09/2001
- "Beach Blanket Bizarro," 02/23/2001
- "Witchright Hall," 04/06/2001
- "Finally," 05/18/2001

Season 6 (second WB season)
- "Really Big Season Opener," 09/21/2001
- "Sabrina's Date With Destiny," 09/28/2001

- "What's News," 10/19/2001
- "Murder on the Halloween Express," 10/26/2001

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