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About PJ

Welcome MJH Fans!

I am a freelance Web Designer and Writer currently living in Cincinnati, Ohio, and have been a huge fan of Archie Comics and Sabrina since I was very young.

Once I heard that there was a television show based on "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch," I knew I had to watch. It was pretty cheesey, but wow, was that Sabrina cute.

A very dorky photo of PJ Hruschak

The more I watched, the more interested I became in the show and to MJH. It's predicatable dialog, lame effects and weak plots, as well and the spunky and fiesty MJH, made the show strangely appealing.

I'm not a disturbed fan, just one lucky enough to purchase some decent URLs and have web abilities. I'm also a collector, so I have some original cartoon and comic strip art (yes, including Sabrina) as well as comic books and Disneyana. So put together my talents and interests, and it only makes sense that I have an MJH fan site.

I was not originally a fan of Clarissa Explains it All - I think it was more an age thing than an appreciation for MJH and the cornball stories (and the occassionally terrible outfits - ugh).

I've been asked what I would do if I ever met MJH in person... well, I'm sure I'd be ver nervous - and yes I'd ask for an interview, autograph, I'd kiss her hand and ask for a hug. Sure, we're close enough in age to date, but my wife could surely kick my (and MJH's) butt! OK, maybe I'd even try to take her to dinner - with my wife's permission, of course. ;) I'm a bit more realistic than the average bear, so I know she'd never really go with me.

I hope you enjoy this site and everything it has to offer. I welcome all contributions! You can send me messages by filling out the form or emailing me directly at

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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