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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact Melissa Joan Hart?

A: Technically, you cannot directly contact her through this or any other Web site (that I know of). She may wander the Web and see this site and your messages, but it would be purely by chance.

You can reach her by way of snail mail and fan clubs, though I have had only limited results with this. Go to for a list of current MJH-related fan clubs and mailing addresses.

The chances of getting a response are better if you send a self-address, pre-stamped envelope. The chances of getting a response from Melissa herself are pretty slim, but not impossible.

Occassionally, I offer specials through this site where I will print a section of the site and snail mail it to her publicist. But, again, that does not guarantee that she will read it or reply to it.

Q: What is Melissa's email address?

A: I do not know. She has mentioned in several interviews that she has one (or more), but it has not been given out to a fan, and is not available through this or any other web site.

Unfortunately, many people believe that sendind a message to sends a message to Melissa. Sending an email to this site is NOT sending an email to Melissa, her mother, her sister, her company or any other agency affilaited with Melissa Joan Hart. It is a personal email sent to me, PJ Hruschak.

Q: Can you send me photos of Melissa?

A: No. Sorry, but since there are over 600 images on this site, it would be impossible to email them to anyone. That would only anger your server administrator, or clog up your email for hours. The images are posted here for all to enjoy whenever they want.

Q: Is there an official Melissa Joan Hart Fan Club, and is this it?

A: There is NOT an official fan club for MJH, and this site is not an official fan club site. I have been in contact with her agents to do this in cooperation with her. There may one day be an official fan club, but there is no official word if or when this will begin.

If you are interested in this site becoming an official fan club site, please email me at and let me know.

Q: Have you ever Met Melissa Joan Hart?

A: Nope. But I'd sure like to.

Q: Why don't you have any nude photos of Melissa on your site?

A: The main reason is that she has not released any nude photos of herself in any media. All nude images with her face have thus far been fakes. While fun, they are degrading and demean her and her talents. If she chooses to pose nude, those images may be offered on this site in a limited fashion (after all, this is a fan site).

Q: How often is the site updated?

A: As often as possible. With your support, I can update the site more frequently with new images, games, etc. I'm only one person. At first there will be many tings added to the site, though I'm sure it'll slow down a bit.

Q: Where can I learn more about Melissa Joan Hart?

A: You can join a fan club, click on the links, read the forumns, join the newsgroups, join this email list, check out books form the library... so check out the links page at

Q: Why don't you have many non-English language links on your site?

A: I am including links to non-English language sites in the links page as often as they are sent to me. The main problem is that I only speak English, and small amounts of French, and I want to make certain that the site do not include any disrespectful information.

I also check each site before I create the link to make certain it is a legitimate MJH fan site.

Q: How did you get this URL?

A: I searched the registration sites and found that no one had registerd it. So I did. I have several other MJH-related URLs that I hope to redirect to this site soon.

Q: Is this site for sale?

A: Not entirely. I am entertaining offers. All offers are confidential. I will, of course, want to maintain some control over the site.

Q: Who designed your site?

A: I did. I am a professional Web designer and also create sites on a freelance basis. I have also written aicles for the Cincinnati Enquirer and DVD reviews. You can find out more about me by clicking on the "a site by pj" or "by pj" images on the bottom of each page, or by going to

Q: When did this site launch?

A: The site officially launched February 14, 2000. The site was put online about 2 months before this date and periodically updated.

Q: How do you pay for this site?

A: Currently, out of my own pocket. The server space is paid for with a trade - traffic for space. I will entertain respectful advertising offers (read: no nude sites).

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